Introduction to Media Audiences

What is Media? Google defines it as “the main means of mass communication (broadcasting, publishing, and the Internet) regarded collectively.” But as a whole I see it as a form which is multi-formatted and consumed by a variety of audiences. With saying that, what truly is an audience? The idea around audiences and their need with in the media is continuously changing.Audiences of mass-media are seen as more of consumers then they are actual audience members, none the less this does not stop their interests in the media. The continuous change in media products and evolving of communications over the years allows audiences to continuously change their opinions and viewpoint around these products.

Reviewing my own interest in the media and specific areas of the media, allowed me to see how much time I truly spend on these “products” that are intended for a consumer and how I myself have become and active or passive audience member. Engaging with a variety of different medium without intending to opened my eyes to the world of consumerism and how the media target specific audiences. Listing my the time I spent on each medium, meant that I could see first hand the amount that these things take over our lives and how we are interacting with the media even if we are not aware of it or do not want to. The pressure from the media to take part is evermore as advertisement has become a part of every aspect of mass-media and people continue to review and look at a variety of products that the media continue to put on the market. What was even more striking in my opinion was what is classed as media and why, down to the simplest form media is constantly surrounding us from TV to film, radio and even books everything we engage with has a media purpose and is created for a specific audience. The use of media with in our society is ever changing and growing as we are becoming reliant on newer forms and varieties of media to engage us as an audience and enhance our experience as consumers. Reviewing the changes over the period of my lifetime it’s scary as to the changes that has already happened and to the movement of the media in to a new technological age as we usher in fresh ideas and items that we once “trendy” have now become archaic in use such as mobile phones, VCR’s and cassette tapes.

My relationship with media across the years has changed completely, when I was younger much like other people the media didn’t play a crucial part of my life. But with becoming a part of the first real generation to have access to these forms of media, I feel I’ve played in to the hands of the companies and have become a prime consumer. Looking to the future, my relationship with these forms of medium will more than likely change again as I continue being a consumer. These changes with in my life are ultimately unstoppable and will continue to happen as the media takes over our lives. Our need for continuous change and new products being created means, can we actually stop the growth of mass-communications?

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How to Respect Your Audience


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