The Media and Our Everyday Lives

Throughout the seminar, we discussed the use of media in everyday lives. Starting with the daily use of a variety of medium and how they aid us in our domestic living. We began by discussing several areas that we use the media for such as University, work and socializing which led me to realise the amount of areas which we use forms of media for. Looking at daily life, I found my phone was a key part of my media use as I’m never really without it. I mainly use it for things such as social media, application games and for education based learning such as reading or viewing Blackboard. Due to this I am continuously surrounded by the media and at times will subconsciously engage with it. It is because of this that it can argued that media is a major component in our everyday lives.

The continuous involvement of technology with in modern lives can also be seen from our discussion as we found that live TV broadcasting is becoming less used to the wide range of on demand services. With daily programming becoming the only real way of engaging audiences, something which the Ofcom Media Studies found as well. Reviewing the aspects of media and how we would survive without them was another relevant topic as we discovered that the use of mobile phones is broadening across the world, leading to us becoming more connected through technology but less connected in real life. Contrasting to what we as young adults had when we were kids to what modern day children can access, with social media playing a massive part in their everyday lives. Something which as children never concerned us. The continuous change in media is also relevant with our modes of communications broadening as new technology is invented with other forms becoming old or dying off, this can be seen with the use of Blackberry Messenger and MySpace.

To conclude, the media plays a huge role in our everyday lives as we continue to consume a variety of different forms of media be it consciously or not. The mass popularity of technology and its involvement with in the media also means society continue to interact in multiple ways. As previously shown we are also becoming lost without keys forms of media such as phones, something which was never worried a mere twenty years ago. The involvement of media with in our everyday lives can also show the change throughout society as the growth of media in mainstream life has become normal.

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