About Me

Thankyou for taking the time to read about the person behind both the theoretical and personal content within this blog. I hope whether it’s learning something new, engaging with my blog or just enjoying what I post you take something out of reading or viewing what you find. I enjoy writing, creating and talking about anything media based and hope that what I post brings enjoyment to someone.

I grew up as one of five in Ripon, North Yorkshire. My family has always been extremely rural and I still love taking walks in the countryside and relaxing at my family home in the Yorkshire Dales. I started taking an interest in media during my GCSE classes and this snowballed into further education, leading to me choosing to study the subject at a degree level. It was across this time that I found I had a passion for writing and photography something which I hope will lead me well into a career in the industry.

My main aim from this blog is to share what I’ve learnt both from university and life. My main interests outside of my studies are hiking, travelling and a good cup of tea. Well that’s me in a nutshell, a “normal” twenty year old Media student. Hope you enjoy my blog.

Harry Evans

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