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Making Media Group Project- Final Piece

As part of my assessment for Making Media, I was asked to create a short video based around the title “Welcome to Sheffield City of Culture” in which I worked alongside fellow course-mates to create a successful video which you can watch below:

Thankyou to Becca Lowes, Chuck Saenborisut, Georgia Mercer and Eleanor Fidler

Follow their blogs below:

Pronoun DVD Covers

As part of my A Level Media assessment I was asked to create three different forms of media to advertise a new film or TV series. Taking inspiration from Russell T. Davies’ works Cucumber and Queer as Folk, I created Pronoun a three part drama which follows the lives of LGBT teenagers.

Pronoun Jayden

Pronoun Kate

Pronoun James

Making Media 2- Travel Feature:

Ripon: Stay Awhile Amid its Ancient Charms.

October 16th 2017

I feel surrounded by history whenever I return to Ripon. The ancient factors of the city always strike me as something of amazement. Walking through the town centre, quant independent shops surround me alongside many cheerful faces as the residents of Ripon add a homely touch to the place. A perfect combination of city living and nature combined with in a brilliant place.

Situated to the north of both York and Harrogate, Ripon is a primal visiting spot for anyone. With a variety of shops to choose from, Thursday market and a wide selection of places to eat and drink Ripon offers a perfect spot to visit. It’s obelisk has been a central fixture to the city for nearly 300 years and stands at nearly 100 feet tall, a perfect place for visitors to relax and watch the world go by. The nightly Hornblower has become a tradition at the obelisk and takes place every night at 9PM.

Ripon has many ways to keep its visitors entertained with multiple attractions with in a ten-mile radius of the city. These include the 14th Century Ripley Castle, Lightwater Valley, Newby Hall and Black Sheep Brewery which ships local ale to over fifty countries around the world. Located ideally next to the North Yorkshire Moors, the city also offers brilliant sites and walks whatever the season.

The city’s history dates as far back as 800 A.D and its Cathedral has much to offer with its marble arched ceilings and ornate stain glass windows, which elegantly line the east and west wing. When being toured by one of the cathedrals resident canons, I found that the Grade 1 listed building was also recently featured in the BBC Four documentary “Pagans and Pilgrims: Britain’s Holiest of Places.” for its nearly two-thousand-year-old shrine, which is believed to have been used by saints of the Anglo-Saxon times including Saint Wilfred and Saint Aiden.

The city is surrounded by multiple nature reservations including the World Heritage Site of Studley Royal. Founded in 1132 the National Trust owned park covers nearly 360 acres of lush greenery and is home to over 500 Red, Sika and Fallow deer. Situated with in the grounds is Fountains Abbey one of the last remaining and best preserved monk tapestries. The abbey spans 500 metres alongside the River Skell with the great halls ruins centering the church. The east and west wings contain the remains of a stonemasonry, kitchen and domestic chapel used by the monks during Tudor times. Fountains Abbey has been used in films including The History Boys, The Secret Garden and Omen 3 and hosts a modern exhibition displaying how the monks used to live.

Ripon contains a variety of museums covering multiple areas. Ripon Courthouse Museum remains virtually unchanged since its inception and allows visitors to sit in the magistrates’ court. Lined with displays which tell its history since 1830, the museum is open to visitors from the 16th February through 3rd November. The Workhouse Museum has stood since 1776 and aims to tell the tale of the self-sufficient world of the workhouse with visitors being able to step in to the shoes of a Victorian pauper. On St. Marygate, the Prison and Police Museum was built as Ripon Liberty Prison in 1816 and functioned until the late 19th century when it became the areas local police station before being refurbished in to a museum. The prisons history has now been turned in to multiple displays in their latest exhibition. The three museums are a primal place to visit during your time in Ripon and are a great day out for the family or as a travelling tourist.

Based in the heart of the city centre, the award-winning Spa Garden is a pristine place for calm and serein surroundings. A short walk away from the Market Square, Spa Garden is a great place for family entertainment. The latest addition to the park is the Lewis Carroll inspired Alice in Wonderland sculptures, the writer spent time as a child in Ripon and the city is rumored to be the inspiration for the novel. The art made from wood was created by sculptural artist Mick Burns and displays characters such as Alice, The Caterpillar and the White Rabbit. The Green Man Trail adds an air of fun to the tranquil garden as 30 plaques are hidden within the forestry and flowerbeds waiting to be found. Spa Garden also hosts a weekly band concert which performs every week throughout the Summer.

The overall atmosphere of Ripon is something that makes the city one of the best small places to visit in the UK. I always find myself lost amongst the history of the area whenever I visit. The experiences found with in Ripon are one in a million and cannot be found anywhere else and that’s why I always find myself coming back to this enchanting North Yorkshire city.

Making Media 2: Magazine Cover, Contents Page and Double Page Spread

As part of my second assessment for Making Media 2, I created a cover, contents page and double page spread for a magazine which I chose to target towards students. Using both primary and secondary images I created the following pieces of work:

Magazine Cover


Double Page Spread- First Page

Double Page Spread- Second Page

Reference List:
Street Art Images:
Varsity Logo:
Gap Year Collage:
Kid Acne Logo:
Kid Acne Quote:

Making Media: Tramlines Festival 2017- Poster

To highlight my knowledge of InDesign and Photoshop, I chose to create this poster to advertise the upcoming Tramlines Festival taking place in Sheffield. I used a variety of secondary images and logos of the artists and the event.

Tramlines Poster

Main Image Courtesy of:

Media Identities & Representations: Anti-Discrimination Campaigns

Assessment 1- Ad campaign- Bisexual

Assessment 1- Ad campaign- Emo

Assessment 1- Ad campaign- Female

Assessment 1- Ad campaign- Muslim

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