Gender & Religion: The veil and arguments surrounding the representation of women in non-western religious faiths.

“the veil” a common dress code linked specifically with non-western cultures has across the years been scrutinized drastically by the media. Negative connotations have continuously been seen from across different platforms and the debate around the suppressed and controlled connotations that the media place around the reality of living as a Muslim. Daily Mail columnist Melanie […]

Religion as an identity and its representation within the Media.

Throughout history multiple religions have been formed across the centuries, many of which are still practiced around the world today. Within this text I will aim to analyse the representation of multiple religions across the media, including their presence within several genres and the affects this has on the audiences ideologies and their participation with […]

Disability & Gender: The Undateables analysis on the effects of the show and it’s impact on social view.

The following analysis will be looking at and reviewing the representation of individuals with in the show The Undateables, whilst also taking in to account the structure and format of the programme. Created in 2012, The Undateables has recently broadcast its fifth series and follows the lives of disabled individuals as they journey to find […]